Vacation Watch Form

This Vacation Watch Form is solely so the Association knows how to contact you while you are away from SVE. It is not the form you use to change your “Address of Record” with the SVE Office. You can have only one “Address of Record,” with the Office, and that is the address to which all mail from the SVE Office will go whether you are residing in SVE or elsewhere.

Utilize USPS (United States Postal Service) mail forwarding to have your mail forwarded to where you want it; this Vacation Form will not result in any mail forwarding from SVE. (For our Canadian owners: USPS does mail forwarding to Canada, restricted to First Class envelopes only.)

The Post Office servicing our zip code (85209) is at 9855 E Southern Ave. You can call the Post Office at 480-357-3805, or you can initiate mail forwarding online at (not as reliable).


It is strongly recommended that a caretaker be selected to care for your property during your absence. The Association has no responsibility for the maintenance of your residence and will assume none. In the event that your residence needs attention during your absence, the Association will attempt to contact you. If unable to reach you, the Association will try to contact your designated caretaker. As to your residence, the Association will take only the action it deems necessary to protect the Association’s interest.