Register Cameras

Video Camera Legal Considerations

Video cameras are becoming pervasive – so one may ask – are there any legal considerations when using them. Interesting enough HOAs are encouraged to use them as you can see in our HOA attorney’s cheat sheet. As far as installing cameras around your property, summarizing Az statutes: You are legally allowed to have security cameras installed on your property, even if those cameras include images of your neighbor’s property. However, you many not record anyone without consent in areas with reasonable expectation of privacy.


In order to reduce crime in our village, the HOA has instituted a voluntary camera registration. Assuming you register your camera below and an incident occurs close to your residence, the HOA Staff or Security Board member may ask you for a copy of the recording. This recording will be used to help resolve the incident or assist in any investigation. The source of this recording will not be disclosed to anyone else outside of the HOA Staff and Board.


Thanks for helping to keep our village safe.